Marcel Kuhn is a Swiss visionary speaker, author, coach, dreamer, and soul surfer who passionately explores the edges of his comfort zone and what it means to create an unthinkable reality. Through his stories and practices, he guides and inspires people to connect with their dreams and do the unthinkable while creating joy and fulfillment along the way. 

With 16 years of leading corporate continuous improvement initiatives across a wide range of industries (FMCG, Electronics, Trading, Healthcare, and Consulting), he has extensive hands-on experience embedding continuous improvement culture and boosting growth, efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement through his leadership and coaching, facilitating workshops and leading improvement projects. 

Aside from his corporate experience, Marcel has spent over a decade immersing himself in personal growth and development, continuously seeking to expand his comfort zone and the realm of what’s possible. No stranger to meeting and pushing past his limits, he has become adept at many physical pursuits including surfing, Wim Hof method, skiing, trail running, triathlon, and yoga. He has significantly invested in himself, traveling globally to meet and work with top experts in their fields from coaches, speakers, and trainers, to spiritual healers and shamans. 

After coaching and training close to 1500 people across five industries, Marcel realized that real change starts with the individual and that company-wide improvement programs are only sustainable if the upgraded mindsets and behaviors of the employees and teams continue to expand. Knowing his reach and impact was limited as an internal consultant and that he had more to contribute to the world, Marcel courageously left his corporate position in healthcare and started his own company with the vision of guiding people to do the unthinkable and catch their dreams. 

Fascinated by the concept of what it takes to have a successful and fulfilled life, Marcel interviewed over 60 world-class achievers on their perspectives of success and fulfillment which culminated in writing an entire book that was never published. Marcel is currently writing a second book, which is both based on the first as well as inclusive of new discoveries he’s made through his personal growth and life experiences over the past several years. Through his time interviewing extraordinary individuals achieving unthinkable results, Marcel discovered that while hard work can absolutely produce success, “heart work” is the real key to unlocking ultimate fulfillment. Those who do the unthinkable release the limits of their programmed thinking to connect with something bigger, greater, and more inspiring—their dreams

Marcel is a talented, engaging, and inspiring speaker and gifted storyteller. His energy is magnetic and uplifting; the way he trains and teaches people through his speeches or workshops creates a positive perception ship and leaves a lasting impression. Alongside his soon-to-be-published book, Marcel is preparing to launch his exclusive Catch Your Dreams Club, where he and special guests who have achieved unthinkable feats will guide and support the club members to rediscover and reconnect with their dreams. 

Marcel resides in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland and is the proud and loving father of three sons. He desires to inspire them to live courageously, follow their dreams, and create their own unthinkable reality.

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