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Finding Your Rhythm: A Symphony of Surf, and Music

award-winning musician here come the blessings it's happening journey keep on walking ollie gabriel quantum jump walk with me Jun 09, 2023

Today I talked with my Soul brother and sparring partner, Ollie Gabriel - Award-Winning Musician. He recently launched his impact project WALK WITH ME - A MIXED MEDIA BOOK THAT CHANGES LIVES. Today he received the first hard copy of the book. With each book sold, one person gets a leg to walk again.  Get your copy here: herecometheblessings.com

Much like a musical composition or the ocean's rhythm, our paths aren't linear. They're composed of periods that feel like silent beats, like floating in calm waters or standing before a silent audience. In these seemingly stagnant phases, we're silently tuning our instruments, preparing for the upcoming symphony, or waiting for the perfect wave. There is time for waiting and the moment for taking inspired action. Timing is the key to being in flow and playing in the right rhythm. 

And then, like the sudden break of a wave or the powerful rise of a melody, we find ourselves in the middle of a quantum leap. These moments of growth and achievement spring forth unexpectedly and rapidly, like a perfectly timed crescendo or a towering wave. They're not random but born from those silent beats of preparation, practice, and patience.

So, when it feels like you're in the quiet before the storm, drifting backward even, remember: the largest waves follow the deepest calm, and the loudest cheers follow the quietest moments. Progress isn't a straight path but an oscillation, a symphony composed of silent beats and resonant melodies, flat waters, and towering waves.

Whether you're on a surfboard or a stage, embrace these rhythms, the ebb and flow of life, for it's often when we least expect that we catch the biggest wave or hit the perfect note. That’s the rhythm of progress - your quantum leap awaits. 

When you feel nothing is happening, it's important to have a sparring partner that lifts you and cheers you on. When you take a moment to look at where you have come from, you see how far you have come. So, whenever I doubt where I am moving, I keep repeating the mantra; IT'S HAPPENING, and KEEP ON WALKING. 


Embrace the Rhythm: Much like a symphony or the ocean, life isn't linear but full of silent beats and resonant melodies. Understanding this rhythm helps us make peace with periods of stillness and better prepares us for quantum leaps.

Quantum Leaps Arise from Preparation: Moments of significant growth and achievement come unexpectedly, like a wave's sudden break or a melody's powerful rise. These aren't random but are born from periods of silent preparation and patience.

Keep Walking: Having a supportive partner or a mantra can turn doubts into steps forward. In the face of stagnation or doubt, remember the mantra: "It's happening; keep walking," and stay true to your path.


Reflect on your journey so far. Can you identify the silent beats and resonant melodies in your life? Write about a time when a period of stillness was followed by a significant leap forward.

Think about a time when you experienced a quantum leap in your personal or professional life. What did the period of preparation look like leading up to that moment?

Do you have a personal mantra that keeps you moving forward in times of doubt or stagnation? If not, consider creating one. What might that be, and how could it inspire you to "keep walking"?

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Richard Kimber, Creative Director, Ultra Runner, Musician, and family man, says that when he approached this trail race, he ventured into a scale he has never played before. He had to treat it with a lot of respect. He says that you can't assume you're going to be successful before you've tried. You have to hope that you'll be successful and be confident that you'll be successful and back yourself, because in life, generally, nobody else is necessarily going to back you, even if they say they do. When you come to take on the challenge, whatever it might be unless you backed yourself. You are on your own. He says that believing in yourself from the beginning to the end is fundamental. When you believe in yourself, other people are likely to believe in you. At the same time, you have to be humble. Their belief in themselves has to be based on some kind of rational evidence that you can put together. It can't all be some spiritual hope.

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