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free flow writing Nov 01, 2023

There is layers upon layers upon layers of conditioning. When starting the journey to expansion and uncovering the layers, you always think that the next layer is the last one. And yet, the deeper you dive, the more layers of conditioning you come across, and it is shocking. Because this journey is continuous - never-ending, you can always decide to go back to your comfort zone and be in the state of a dead man walking. The comfort zone is always there. But when you know there is more out there for you than you currently live, it feels uncomfortable to be cozy in your comfort zone, sitting on the sofa, next to a fireplace and pretending that this is all there is. Once you discover that there is more out there than you are living, it's hard to go back to ignorance and keep living the same old, same old.

No one is walking the path for you. You can ask for guidance, and mentoring from people you feel are further along the path you want to travel. From the outside,d it's hard to understand if they are further along. 

The journey to expansion is often a lonely road because you step out of the known to the unknown. The path to being your unthinkable is unknown. Your unthinkable is being your authentic self. It's not about doing grand challenges like climbing Mount Everest or doing an Ironman. Those feats are all amazing and worthwhile pursuing if they are connected to a bigger vision greater than yourself, your family - and your inner circle. It's about making waves that create ripples far beyond your circle of influence.

When we are our authentic selves, we are the best and most unique version of ourselves. This core is needed in the world to make it a better place, and we should not be cats that do what others are doing.

On the journey to being your authentic self, you sometimes feel alone because you most likely stepped out of your old circle of friends, and haven't built your new circle of friends. When we dare to be our authentic selves, it is hard to be around people who are not embracing their uniqueness, and still playing roles. Your journey might influence your family, friends, colleagues - all aspects of your appearance.

What is the purpose of it all? Life in it is about a journey of expansion - expanding your way of being and thinking, pushing your perceived limits. Your perceived limits are the limitations that you have given to yourself, so by passing through these boundaries, you puss through thought constructs and patterns that you have programmed yourself. Your subconscious mind is a supercomputer that works at 40 million bits per second, and your conscious mind works at 40 bits per second. Since your birth, you have programmed your supercomputer through the things that were said to you by your parents, by the school system, by your colleagues at work, and what you keep telling yourself. 

What  and how we are talking about ourselves can easily be seen from the outside through language patterns:

I can't 

I should

this is impossible

I am not good at that

I am not creative

The only way to live is to expand your thinking and your being constantly, not because of competition and drive but for the betterment of yourself and to reach a deeper self-understanding. A deeper understanding that you are not your thoughts your experience, and you are not limited by what you thought were your limitations. Your and everyone else's potential is limitless; if you dare to tap into it, think limitlessly and acquire wisdom. Wisdom is the knowledge that you apply in a very practical sense.

Walking this journey is not all about you. By teaching other people to expand and become their best selves, you do your part in the betterment of humanity. It can be as simple as being kind to others and teaching others to be kind.

The journey to the unthinkable is sometimes very uncomfortable, but it is worth it. Life feels much better being authentic; you have more fun and learn more. By not being attached to your thoughts and experiences, you are more detached and less triggered by others. 

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Richard Kimber, Creative Director, Ultra Runner, Musician, and family man, says that when he approached this trail race, he ventured into a scale he has never played before. He had to treat it with a lot of respect. He says that you can't assume you're going to be successful before you've tried. You have to hope that you'll be successful and be confident that you'll be successful and back yourself, because in life, generally, nobody else is necessarily going to back you, even if they say they do. When you come to take on the challenge, whatever it might be unless you backed yourself. You are on your own. He says that believing in yourself from the beginning to the end is fundamental. When you believe in yourself, other people are likely to believe in you. At the same time, you have to be humble. Their belief in themselves has to be based on some kind of rational evidence that you can put together. It can't all be some spiritual hope.

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There are many things that you need in order to thrive. The most important are the social, emotional, and physical environment. You need to feel loved and supported by those around you, have a sense of purpose, and be physically healthy. If any of these things are missing, it will be difficult for you to reach your full potential. Take some time to assess your current situation and see if there are any areas that need improvement. Work on creating an environment that supports your growth and allows you to thrive. Remember, it takes effort from both sides!

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Free Flow Unthinkable

Nov 01, 2023