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Riding Life's Waves: Crafting a Fluid Daily Routine

core values daily routines re-design Jun 09, 2023

Life, in its essence, is far from static and linear. Much like the ocean, it moves in waves – in a rhythm of ebbing and flowing. Some days are calm and peaceful, the waves gently slapping your ankles. Others you, you are riding a storm with choppy waves. As we surf the waves of life, we need to adapt and navigate through these changing conditions, which is why the rigidity of a strict morning routine sometimes doesn't work

My morning routine isn't a fixed regimen; it's a living and breathing entity that evolves with the waves of my life. It's built on a foundation of core values that remain constant, like guiding stars in the changing tides.

Moving in Nature: There's a reason why surfers are drawn to the ocean – it's the soothing rhythm, the salty air, and the sound of the waves. As a land-locked surfer, I love to be in or near the water, whether swimming, running by the Rhine River, or taking a cold plunge. When I am traveling, I go surfing.

Practicing Self-Love and Self-Care: The relationship with myself is the foundation for all relationships. To feel in my power, I like to do something that feels good for me.

Connecting with loved ones: Life's waves are better ridden with a tribe. Make time each day for those who matter most – a quick call, a sending a message, or even going for a workout together.

Introspection: Surfing isn't just about riding the waves and understanding them. Similarly, life requires introspection. I find time each morning for mindfulness, whether meditation, journaling, or simply sitting quietly with a cup of coffee.

Personal Growth: The biggest waves are challenges in disguise. They push us to learn, grow and step out of our comfort zone. Every day, I do something that disrupts m day a little, stretches my boundaries, and helps me grow.

Focus and Creativity: I am a very creative person with many ideas. To stay focused, I found that setting a timer for 90 minutes works best for me, where I focus on one task only without any distractions. After a burst of focused effort, I take an active break, letting my thoughts roam free. This balance between focused attention and active breaks gives me the best productivity.

Living in flow consciousness is a dance between freedom and structure, a balancing act that allows me to embrace the unpredictability of life's waves while staying grounded in my core routine.

But like the ocean, life's waves change. Different phases require a reshuffling of priorities and a redesign of the daily routine. Recently, I traveled, and the waves of my life transformed. I had to go back to the drawing board to restructure my routine.

Designing a daily routine isn't about setting a timetable but visualizing an ideal day. How does it begin? How does it flow? Where do the moments of rest, movement, connection, introspection, and growth fit in? Remember, a routine is something we do automatically, so it should align with your natural rhythm, not against it.  Returning to the drawing board is a conscious exercise of designing the day best, to be your best version.

As you set out to design your daily routine, remember that life will ebb and flow like the waves of the ocean. Embrace the chaos, ride the waves, and, most importantly, stay true to your core values. Here's to living and surfing in flow! 🏄‍♂️ 



Core Values: How can your routine reflect your core values?

Your Vision and Bold Dreams: What is your top priority today to move towards your visions and dreams?

Nature and Movement: How can you weave nature and movement into your daily routine?

Self-Love and Self-Care: Which practices make you feel valued and cared for? How can you include them in your day?

Connection with Loved Ones: How can you integrate meaningful connections with loved ones into your routine?

Introspection: Which introspection methods work for you? How can you dedicate time to them each day?

Personal Growth: What challenges can you introduce to your daily routine for growth?

Focus and Creativity: How can you schedule focused, undistracted time for key tasks or projects?

Designing Your Routine: How does your ideal day look like? How can you make it a reality?

Flexibility and Adaptability: How can you build flexibility into your routine to adapt to changes?

Embrace Unpredictability: How can your routine accommodate life's unpredictable moments? How can you disrupt your daily routine?


Embrace Fluidity: Like the ocean, life is not static and linear. It's filled with ebbs and flows that require constant adaptation. Our routines should be just as fluid, flexible, and capable of adapting to changing circumstances.

Balance Structure with Freedom: While routines provide a structure that can bring comfort and efficiency, it's crucial to maintain a balance with freedom. This balance allows for personal growth, creativity, and the ability to ride life's unpredictable waves.

Prioritize Core Values: In designing our routines, reflecting on our core values is important, ensuring they guide our daily actions. Whether it's nature, connection, introspection, personal growth, or creativity, these values should be the backbone of our daily routines.

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