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Unthinkable Living: The Reimagined Routine

core values daily routine unthinkable living Jun 12, 2023

Welcome back to another chapter in my journey of crafting an unthinkable life. If you've followed along, you'll recall that I recently redesigned my daily routine during my trip to Tarifa, Spain. Since then, I've been immersing myself in this new rhythm, and I'm here to share my experiences and reflections.

Each day starts with a grounding meditation, breathwork, and journaling. Due to the summer weather, I could do it in the beautiful garden, surrounded by flowers. The tranquility of these moments invigorates my soul, and I kick off my work with an intensely focused two-hour session, free from any distractions. It's a refreshing change, one that's filling me with a renewed zest for life.

Life, like the ocean, isn't a static entity. It ebbs and flows, bringing calm and stormy days alike. And as we surf these ever-changing waves, our routines must be as dynamic as the life we're navigating. That's why my morning routine isn't a fixed regimen; it's a fluid practice that evolves and adapts to the rhythm of my life. But amidst the flux, there are steadfast pillars that I adhere to, which are:

  1. Moving in Nature: The allure of the ocean's rhythm, salty air, and mesmerizing waves is undeniable. I find solace in swimming, riverside running, or cold plunging in its absence.

  2. Practicing Self-Love and Self-Care: Nurturing the relationship with myself is fundamental. I ensure to incorporate activities that make me feel empowered and loved.

  3. Connecting with Loved Ones: I carve out time daily to connect with those who matter most to me, for life's waves are better ridden with your tribe.

  4. Introspection: I dedicate quiet moments every morning for mindfulness, an invaluable tool in understanding life's waves and how to ride them.

  5. Personal Growth: I embrace challenges that push my boundaries daily and foster growth.

  6. Focus and Creativity: By balancing focused work sessions with active breaks, I harness my creativity while remaining productive.

Embracing the fluidity of life, I've found that adapting my routine to different phases is essential. And as I move through this ever-evolving journey, I continue to embody the essence of surfing: maintaining balance, adjusting to changing waves, and always, always riding forward.

As you contemplate your daily routine, remember it's not about following strictly a timetable; it's about curating a day that aligns with your natural rhythm, enables growth, and brings joy. It's about crafting and transforming your ideal day into your everyday reality.

Let's continue to ride the waves together, embracing life's beautiful unpredictability and steadfastly catching our dreams. Until next time, here's to living and surfing in flow! 🏄‍♂️

To help you navigate your journey, I leave you with these reflections:

  • Reinvent: When did you last reshuffle your daily routine? What prompted the change?

  • Experiment: How does experimentation with your routine make you feel? Excited? Anxious? Invigorated?

  • Evolve: How has your routine evolved to match the waves of your life?

Remember, embrace the ebb and flow, adapt to the changing tides, and make the most of each wave because life's not about avoiding the waves but learning how to surf!



  • Embrace Change: Adapting and reshuffling your daily routine to align with the changing rhythms of your life is key. Reflect on when you last reinvented your routine and what prompted that change.

  • Foster Growth Through Experimentation: Trying new elements in your routine can stimulate growth and bring a renewed zest for life. Observing your emotional response to these changes can help you better understand yourself and craft a routine that truly resonates with you.

  • Maintain Your Core: Despite the fluidity of life, certain pillars - such as self-love, connecting with loved ones, introspection, personal growth, and balancing focus with creativity - should remain constant in your routine. They provide stability and guide your actions as your routine evolves to match the waves of your life.


  1. Reflection on Change: Think about the last time you significantly changed your daily routine. What prompted that change? How did the new routine affect your mood, productivity, and overall well-being?

  2. Experimentation Outcomes: Recall when you experimented with a new habit or practice in your routine. What emotions did it stir in you - excitement, anxiety, or rejuvenation? Did it stay part of your routine, and if so, what positive impacts have you noticed?

  3. Core Values Assessment: Identify your core pillars that you believe should be consistent in your daily routine, such as self-love, introspection, or maintaining connections. How are they currently represented in your routine? How can you weave them into your daily life if they aren't strongly present?

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