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Two Mantras for Unthinkable Living

it's happening keep walking positive affirmation unthinkable living Jun 20, 2023

How do you talk to yourself when no one is listening? Your self-talk and the kind of words you are using are powerful. In the last couple of years, two mantras have been at the core of my Unthinkable Living. These are: "IT'S HAPPENING" and "KEEP WALKING".

The first mantra, "It's happening", is my reminder to be intentional with every action, every step, and every decision - It's happening right now.   It's the art of acknowledging the present moment and the process instead of focusing on the destination. The wheels are in motion. By saying, "It's happening", we affirm our belief in the unseen and the belief in ourselves and the journey.

The second mantra, "Keep on walking", complements the first. It's about persistence and resilience in the face of adversity. The road to achieving the unthinkable is nonlinear. There will be obstacles and challenges that will make you question your path. In such moments, the words of my inspiring dad: "KEEP  WALKING" (that he borrowed from Johnnie Walker), is a reminder to stay the course, to keep moving forward, no matter how slowly.

I combine these two positive affirmations daily - multiple times for Unthinkable living. They prompt me to trust in the process while navigating the waves of life. They encourage me to view my journey through a lens of self-belief and surrendering to something greater. This makes the 'unthinkable' not just a distant dream but an achievable reality in the now.

So, remember, no matter what goal or dream you're working on, "It's happening". Trust in your efforts; believe in your journey. And when doubt clouds your way, "Keep on walking". Persistence and self-belief are powerful companions on the road to the 'unthinkable'. Harness their power and see the magic unfold in your life.


  1. Positive Mantras: The power of positive self-talk and affirmations, specifically the mantras "It's happening" and "Keep on walking," can significantly impact our daily actions and decisions, helping us maintain focus and momentum towards our goals.

  2. Trust in the Process: 'It's happening' isn't just an affirmation but a mindset shift to recognize and appreciate the present moment and trust the process. This mantra encourages us to believe in our journey, even when the result isn't visible.

  3. Persistence is Key: The mantra 'Keep on walking' is a powerful reminder of the need for resilience and tenacity in facing adversity. Persistence and self-belief are instrumental in overcoming obstacles and moving closer to achieving the 'unthinkable'.


  1. Reflect on a current goal or dream you're working towards. What does the mantra "It's happening" mean to you in this context? Write about how you can incorporate this mantra into your daily life to foster belief in your journey.

  2. Recall a time when you faced a significant obstacle or challenge on your path. How might the mantra "Keep on walking" have influenced your actions during this time?

  3. Think about the journey you're on right now. How can you combine the mantras "It's happening" and "Keep on walking" to cultivate a more positive and persistent mindset? Journal about specific actions or mindset shifts you can make to embody these affirmations more fully.

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Richard Kimber, Creative Director, Ultra Runner, Musician, and family man, says that when he approached this trail race, he ventured into a scale he has never played before. He had to treat it with a lot of respect. He says that you can't assume you're going to be successful before you've tried. You have to hope that you'll be successful and be confident that you'll be successful and back yourself, because in life, generally, nobody else is necessarily going to back you, even if they say they do. When you come to take on the challenge, whatever it might be unless you backed yourself. You are on your own. He says that believing in yourself from the beginning to the end is fundamental. When you believe in yourself, other people are likely to believe in you. At the same time, you have to be humble. Their belief in themselves has to be based on some kind of rational evidence that you can put together. It can't all be some spiritual hope.

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There are many things that you need in order to thrive. The most important are the social, emotional, and physical environment. You need to feel loved and supported by those around you, have a sense of purpose, and be physically healthy. If any of these things are missing, it will be difficult for you to reach your full potential. Take some time to assess your current situation and see if there are any areas that need improvement. Work on creating an environment that supports your growth and allows you to thrive. Remember, it takes effort from both sides!

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